Platinum Wedding Band Lost During Yard Work Des Moines, WA

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Watch the SeattleRingHunter search a freshly landscaped yard for a lost platinum wedding band.

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May 2022 Tony contacted me for assistance in finding his lost platinum wedding band. He had spent the day doing a lot of yard work and believed he had lost his ring some place in his yard.

It was not until I arrived at his property and we did a walk through did I fully understand the large area that he had worked. I learned that he did not have any gloves on during his work. Furthermore he had several instances where he was collecting loose yard debris and either tossing piles of clippings into a yard wast bin or throwing bits off to the side of the yard. There was also quite a bit of hedging that took place and any of these proposed to be a perfect opportunity for his ring to have slipped away. As with any large project I tend to treat it like a full course meal. Break it down into smaller size pieces and start eating away at it one bite at a time. The hope is eventually if the ring is there to be found it will turn up.

Watch this episode of the Seattle Ring Hunter to see where we find Tony’s platinum wedding band.

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