Platinum and diamond stud earring found in Littleton, Colorado park

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Brenda reunited with her earring

Brenda Speedy had loaned her platinum stud and diamond earrings to a friend’s daughter. While preparing to go into a soccer match one of the earrings went missing. The two adults searched on their hands and knees without success. They later rented a metal detector at a local store and searched the area. Finding a stud earring is no easy task as there is not a lot of metal to make a metal detector react. Once again their search did not give their desired results. Later that night the two searched the area for another two hours using headlamps hoping the diamond would reflect the light, still no luck. They even went as far as using a shop vacuum the following day in hopes that it would suck up the lost jewel.

Brenda contacted me Monday night telling me of her predicament and her efforts to find the earring. We set a plan to meet at the park the next morning to search for the earring. I arrived at the assigned meeting time and location and we walked the area where the earring was supposed to be while Brenda once again explained the events that led to the earrings loss and her efforts to find it.

I set up my machines and tested them both on the match to the lost ear ring to make sure they were picking up the signal. I selected one of my machines and started my grid search. After an hour and a half I had found the earring within a few feet of where they had used the shop vacuum and within the area that they had searched using the rental metal detector.

The pair of platinum and diamond earrings had been given to Brenda by her father and they held a sentimental value that far exceeded the monetary value of the pair.

Item recovered: September 13, 2011.


Not an easy target to find

The lost ear ring, now returned to it’s proper owner.


2 Replies to “Platinum and diamond stud earring found in Littleton, Colorado park”

  1. RyanChappell says:

    Wow! That must have been difficult. It must have come up with real low co numbers. What kind of detector did you use? What were the VDi numbers?

    1. Jeff Lubbert says:


      I found the earring with my Whites V3i in the relic program in the alternate search mode (trigger forward) so that I could see the sign wave graph. The target did not make a great audio response but the sign wave graph ID’d it as a good target. I do not recall what the VDI was as it was not my main means of ID.


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