Lost ring in Merrimack New Hampshire found

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

Hey Guy’s and Gal’s!

I wanted to share a couple emails I have gotten recently to demonstrate some typical requests we get as ring finders.

Dear Guy,

About a year ago, I put my ring somewhere in my house for safe keeping.  I was leaving town for a while and did not want to leave it in easy view in case someone broke into our house while we were away.  Long story short, I cannot find it but feel certain it is here somewhere.  I am wondering if this is something you might be able to locate.  I do have some other jewelry and silver in my house and don’t know if your detector can distinguish between a gold band with very small rubies and diamonds and sterling silver flatware, etc.  If so, I would love to talk with you.

You can reach me at 781-xxx-xxxx.  I will be out of town over the weekend and be back Sunday evening.

Many thanks for considering my request, and for your heart-warming blog!

Polly Sxxxx


This is a long shot but here it goes…. just lost my wedding ring in my front yard. Can you please help me. I was raking and lost it. I live in Merrimack. Is this something you could do for me? I can pay you. Please help.
Thx Mark Bxxxxxx

I responded to both emails immediately, but am waiting to hear back from the ring misplaced in the home. The ring lost while doing yard work I recovered an hour after leaving my regular 9 to 5 job. I searched the front yard of Marks house for about five minutes then proceeded to the big pile of leaves he had captured while cleaning up the yard. It’s crazy, but a ring in a big pile of leaves is sometimes as bad as a ring lost in the sand. A ring  just has a way to elude the hand. When I swiped my Teknetics-Omega 8000 over the pile of leaves I got a repeatable nickle signal and that was a clear indicator our prize was there. A quick search with my pin pointer and Mark was reunited with his wedding band. Mark made the comment how he had recently lost some weight, so you need to keep that in mind come New Years resolution time. 🙂

mark-lost-ring1 mark-lost-ring2