Lost - White Gold Wedding Band, Outer Banks, Rodanthe, NC, FOUND!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

 Cory called me and said that she had left the Outer Banks a few days ago.  She had lost a ring in the sound side of the Village of Rodanthe.  She had been in a local tackle shop and a gentleman told her to call OBX-Ed; he finds rings for people all the time.

Cory received the white gold wedding ring from her wife not long ago and was devastated to lose it during a volleyball game in the water.  They searched for it all day but could not find it and had to leave to go back to their home in near Hopewell, Virginia.

I knew this hunt would be challenging because it is always hard to get the exact spot when the parties have left.  First, I checked with local National Park Service personnel, and they said if it was in the village, I was good to go.  I headed to Rodanthe and had to get permission from the rental company to be there while the property was being rented.

As I started the search, I did a FaceTime call with Cory to get the right spot.  She showed me where it should have been and for the next 90 minutes, I spent time digging lots of trash in the metal-rich area.

I called her back and told her we must think of something else because I had covered the entire area and was running out of ideas.  Just then, she remembered her son saying he saw it fly far to the north of the volleyball area.  I decided to do some sweeps there and not long after had a great sounding target.  It was the ring!  Inscribed inside, “All My Love.”   I took an image of it on my thumb and texted it to her.

The phone rang.  It was Cory.   She was so thrilled!



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