Lost - Lady's Silver and Gold Ring - Kill Devil Hills, NC, Outer Banks (OBX) - FOUND!!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

At about noon on Tuesday, my wife Myrna got a phone message from JoAnn.  She explained that her daughter had lost a very important ring on the beach. (Given to her by her father).

I called JoAnn.  I asked her the usual questions about if it was in the water and if she knew the general area in which it was lost.  It all sounded good.  One problem…I was in the D.C. area visiting my daughter and her family?  Normally, time is of the essence…tides, weather, birds and people…you never know what will happen.  I told JoAnn that I planned on being back by around noon on Wednesday.  She was ok with that.

We got home around 1:30 and I called JoAnn immediately and planned to meet with her shortly.  I met her on the beach, and she introduced me to her granddaughter, Sloan (owner of the ring) and her friend Clair.  They showed me the search area which was larger than I expected. (About 50 x 30 yards)

I fired up the Deus II and began a 50-yard run along the towel line.  I completed the first sweep and started about 6 ft west of the first sweep.  About halfway back I got a great hit.  I found a sterling wave ring that did not fit the description of the lost ring.  Shortly after, I found the ring in question.

As I walked back to JoAnn, she let me know that they had lost two rings.  I asked JoAnn to call Sloan because I had a few more questions.  When Sloan came back, I asked her to describe the ring more thoroughly.  As she described it, I raised it up in myhand.  When she saw it she gasped…”? You found it.”  I said I found both rings!!  🙂

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