Lost - Lady's Gold/Silver heirloom ring - Outer Banks - FOUND!!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

It was Friday afternoon around 6pm when I got a call from Rick.  He told he that his wife, Dawn, had lost her ring a few hours ago on the beach and they were very certain that they knew it’s approximate location.  As usual I ask if it was in the water, and he replied that it was in dry sand.

I arrive at the Location about twenty minutes later.  As I met Rick and Dawn for the first time and he said, “I’ve been thinking since we spoke and we lost it a few hours ago, I’m really not sure the tide hasn’t risen above it.”

We went down to the beach and Dawn led the way to where she thought she had lost it.  I fired up the XP Deus II and swept as I followed them.  After I had only gotten a few steps I got a great hit in the wet sand (81!)  I scooped it up, sensing that it was shallow, verified that I had it and continued with Rick and Dawn without missing a beat.

We went on about 30 yards and Dawn turned toward the dune and said, “It’s somewhere in this dry sand.  I asked her if she had a picture?  She got her phone out and started going through her images.  While she did that I reached in my scoop and behold…a ring.  Just then, she showed me her image of the ring.

I held up the ring from scoop and said, “That sure looks a lot like this one!”

Dawn and Rick were very happy to have their ring back!


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