Lost Lady's Diamond Engagement Ring - Southern Shores – Outer Banks, NC – Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

Tyler texted me around 9:30pm on Saturday.   His message was, “my fiancé is in the Outer Banks and lost her engagement ring today.  Would you possibly be able to help?”  I answered, “possibly, please have her give me a call.”  He said that she probably would not call until tomorrow.  I explained that in OBX, tides and weather move things around so the sooner the better.

Joanna called a short time later.  She explained that she was in the water at close to high tide and a wave hit her, knocking her over, and the ring was gone.  I met Joanna at the rental the next day and we walked to the beach.  I explained that in the Outer Banks wave action and energy is tremendous so the chance that I find it after two high tides is rather remote.  She understood.  Joanna went back to the rental to pack-up since they had to leave early.

As is my custom, I prayed.  Then, I began the search.  I fired up the XP Deus II and started where she said they put their items down.  I continued to the waterline and the surf was rougher than I expected.   I decided to go as deep as I could at the exact spot she thought she lost her ring.

I got an immediate hit.  It was a 41.  Could it be?  Fighting the waves I dug the first scoop and a second.  Nothing.   A big wave crashed around me.  I took a third scoop and the signal disappeared.   I had whatever it was.  As I spread the sand over the beach a beautiful diamond glistened in the sand!

I texted Joanna that I needed her to come back to the beach because I had questions about exactly where it was lost.  She said that she would as soon as they finish packing.  I hooked the ring to a clip for safety and waited.  When she appeared I asked her to describe again how she lost it and where while I videoed her.  When she finished I unclipped the ring and said, “Does it look like this?”  TEARs of Joy.  As we walked back to the rental house Joanna’s friends came out and shared in the celebration.


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