Diamond Ring lost at Ocean Park Beach, Puerto Rico... Found and Returned

IMG_1766 IMG_1769While vacationing in Puerto Rico, Darren Webster and friends lost a Diamond Ring in the sand.

Not wanting to get in the water wearing the ring, Darren had is friend hold the ring for him. The “ring keeper” lost the ring in the sand!! After much searching Jeff Birchmore decided they needed help. Jeff found me through The Ring Finders and called me to the rescue.

It would take me two hours to get to Ocean Park, all the while Darren and friends waited anxiously. When I arrived Darren’s face lit up with hope that his ring would be found.

Darren described what had happened and what we were looking for. I briefly explained how metal detecting works and what I would be doing to find his ring.

So, I got to work with my AT Pro and Stealth Scoop. First finding a few bottle caps and pull tabs. But it wasn’t long before I got a good signal and BOOM, there it was, this beautiful gold and diamond ring! There were cheers all around us. I had found the ring in less than 10 minutes!

Thanks to Darren for the generous reward. You have quite a story from this vacation!

Seeing Darren’s face when I found the ring: PRICELESS!


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  1. Di Rod says:

    That’s great! Hope that you can help me with a similar situation!

    1. Donald says:

      Let me know if you need help with a lost item in Puerto Rico.

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