Keys recovered Victoria B.C. Ring Finders

from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-361-8666

Hi my name is Don Marshall, I joined the Ring Finders Directory Oct 15th 2011. My first search was for a set of Keys, here is the testimonial

My keys (house, car and more) fell in one inch space between my house and the concrete slab of the driveway and neither I nor an experience handyman could figure out exactly where they were, let alone retrieve them .  Don was immediately ready to come and help.  He was cheerful, courteous, enthusiastic- and absolutely committed to solving my problem.  It took him several hours , but he located my keys and somehow got them out, saving me hundreds of dollars and days of hassle. 
Don’s attitude and workmanship get my highest recommendation.
Claudia Boyd
Victoria, October18,2011

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