Dennis Burlingame, Author at The Ring Finders

Wedding Band recovered in Long Beach Island

This one started with Heather posting a lost and found ad on a local FB page for husband’s Erwin’s lost wedding band. People on there referred her to RingFinders where she contacted Ed Cropski but he was on vacation so he got hold of Matty St Germain but he was working which lead them to me. I took on the recovery and drove the hour to meet up with her on the beach. Heather said her husband was in the ocean playing with his daughter Krystina when he felt his ring slip off his finger. The water was clear that day but looking for it they just couldn’t see it. I went out to the area where she thought he was but with no luck. Going back talking to her Krystina said they weren’t out as far, so I moved in closer to shore and sure enough about 10 minutes later I found Erwin’s ring. Heather couldn’t believe it. Another happy ending for all.

Wedding Band recovered at Spring Lake NJ

Got a call from Cheryl asking for help in finding her lost wedding band at Spring Lake Beach NJ. I told her I’d be there within 20 minutes to help. They met me where they were sitting and explained to me that while on the beach she took off her wedding band to put lotion on her husband and placed it in the pocket of her sun dress and forgot about it. During the course of the day she took off her sun dress a few times and then remembered her ring but it was no longer in the pocket. She was devastated because the ring has never left her finger in over 20 years of marriage and now it’s gone. I worked around the area with no luck till we moved the chairs out of the way and just off to the side I found her ring. No words can explain her emotions getting it back on her finger where it belongs. This was a great recovery and a very happy ending. Glad I could help.

Gold ring recovered in Spring Lake NJ

Got a call from Victoria asking for help in finding a ring special to her she lost at Spring Lake Beach NJ. While enjoying the day with her mother at the beach, she took off all her rings to brush her hair seeing the length and a little breezy out she didn’t want them to get caught in her hair. She put them on the towel between their chairs but not knowing her mom lifted the towel and they dropped into the sand. They found all but one. After a few passes I found her ring just off to the side where the towel was. She was glad to get her ring back that ment so much to her. Another happy ending for all.

Diamond Engagement Ring Recovered Sea Bright NJ

Got a text from Mark asking for help in locating his wife’s engagement ring. Gave him a call and told him I’d meet him at the beach in 30 minutes or so. I arrived at the beach and they were there waiting in the area they were sitting that day. Seems while enjoying a day at the beach with their granddaughter his wife took her ring off to put lotion on her granddaughter so not to get burned and laid her ring down and forgot about it. After realizing it was gone she tried to find it using a beach toy sifter her granddaughter had with no luck. Mark meanwhile found me on RingFinders on Google and asked for help. I starting detecting and was digging the usual junk, on the first pass no ring, turned around and maybe 15 feet into the second pass I got a solid signal #7 on detector and knew it must of been her ring. Sure enough 1 small scoop down and there was her beautiful ring. She yelled for joy, gave me a hug, so happy to get her ring back. A great ending and feeling for all.

Credit Card Wallet recovered at Bayshore Waterfront Park

Got a text from Brooke asking for help in locating her lost credit card pouch. She contacted fellow RingFinder John Favno who sent her my way. While at Bayshore Waterfront Park and Beach enjoying a fireworks display across the bay from New York she lost her credit card pouch. She went back looking for it but couldn’t find it. Luckily she had a keyring and key attached to it. She showed me a 30 foot stretch of area she was sitting and and I started detecting. Halfway through the second pass I found it just below the surface. A happy ending to what would of been a disaster having to replace all her cards and license. Saved her holiday weekend.

Diamond Wedding Band Recovered In Belmar New Jersey

I got a text from Ross asking for help to locate his wife’s missing wedding band. I called him and got the details and told him i’d head down to the Belmar beach immediately. Seems his wife was enjoying the day at the beach with their daughter, she took off her wedding band to put lotion on their daughter and put it in a side pocket on her beach chair not knowing there was a hole in it. She realized it was gone when returning back home to Pennsylvania and gave up hope of ever seeing it again. Ross did a google search and found me on RingFinders and thought it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to me. He told me, along with a few pictures of their daughter playing in the sand as to where they were sitting to help me with the search. I got down to the beach, they were on the top of the slope to the right of the lifeguard stand. I started to grid just off to the side of the lifeguard stand and picked up a few trash targets, then about 20 feet from the stand I got a nice signal and scooped a little sand up and there was her ring in the bottom of the scoop.  Went back to the car and gave Ross a call with the good news. He couldn’t believe it. I made arrangements to meet up with him the next morning to return her ring. I’m glad I was able to reunite her with her ring, another happy ending recovery.

Family Heirloom Necklace Recovered in Sea Girt NJ

Got a text from Jason asking for help to locate his necklace that was lost on Sea Girt beach the day before. I called him and told him I could be there within a half hour if he wanted to meet me to show me where they were. I met him and he showed me the general area he remembered they were sitting and told me that his son was wearing the necklace and gave it to him to go swimming so not to lose it. Jason put it into the cup holder on his beach chair and forgot about it. Not sure where it was lost, we both hoped it was in the area where he was and it fell out when he folded the chair to leave. I started a grid of the area and about the 5th pass of the grid I got a solid signal, I took a scoop of sand and I saw the cross sticking out of the sand at the bottom of the hole. I reached down and pulled the chain out and held it up. Jason was so relieved and happy I was able to return it to him being an heirloom from the family. A happy ending for all.

Designer Ring Recovered in Belmar NJ

Got a call from fellow RingFinder Steve Pacifico asking if I could do a recovery in Belmar. I got the contact information and gave CJ a call. Told him I’d be there to meet him in a few. Once at the beach CJ told me while playing ball with his friends, going up to hit the ball he felt his ring fly off his finger. He knew the area he was in and I started gridding the area. I covered the whole area ( some 20 square feet or so ) with no results. He had another “silver” ring he had bought from the same dealer and I put that into the sand to check what signal I was looking for. Turned out that ring gave a complete different signal that a silver ring would so I thought the lost ring would do the same and I went back over the area, still no luck. I reached out to my buddy Matty asking him what he thought about it. He suggested expanding the area and just dig everything you hear. So I did, both side and the out further then where he said it should be. About 5 more passes out further I got a crisp silver signal and sure enough out pops his ring, about 30 feet from where he was standing. He couldn’t believe it flew that far. He was so happy and grateful to get his ring, he started giving up hope that I was going to find it. I’m just glad I stayed with it and was able to find it for him.

Wedding band recovered in Brielle NJ

Got a call from Loren asking for help in finding his wedding band he lost in his back yard. I made arrangements to stop over the next day. He told me that back in January the family lost their beloved pet cat and while putting it to rest under a tree in his back yard, when he was done he noticed that his wedding band was missing. Recently thinking of it he looked up metal detecting and found Ring Finders. He showed me the path he walked and where his cat was laid to rest. I started detecting under the tree and got a mixed signal and checked it to be sure and it turned out to be a piece of trash, then I heard another strong signal reading the ID number on the detector I was looking for. He turned over a small shovel load of soil ( maybe 8 inches deep ) and there at the bottom of the hole we both saw his ring. I was so glad we didn’t have to go deeper and disturb the site. Loren was so grateful to get his wedding band back on his finger where it belonged. A happy ending to a great recovery

Wedding band recovered in surf at Deal NJ

I was getting ready to go out detecting when I got a text from Max asking for help. While enjoying the day at Deal beach with his wife he decided to go in for one last dip. Out in chest deep water he felt his wedding band slip off his finger. He tried to catch it but couldn’t. Upset he went up and told his wife what had happened, she became upset as well. Thinking about it he did a Google search about lost ring at beach and discovered one of my recent recovery posts. He texted just to see and I called back immediately. He said he was getting ready to leave but when I told him I could be there within 15 minutes he agreed to wait. We met and he showed me where he was swimming and I started hunting. With a 2 hour difference in tide I figured it shouldn’t be as far out as when he lost it, maybe waisted high water now. After making just 3 passes back and forth I recovered his ring. They couldn’t believe I found it and how fast. Both were so happy to get Max’s ring back. Glad I could put a happy ending to their day.