Found Lost Engagement Ring in Horse Pasture

  • from Fresno (California, United States)

Received a call from a desperate young lady named Stephanie who lost her three day old engagement ring while pitching hay to her horses.  After driving out to Atwater and down a miles long gravel road, we met with the young lady.  She did not know where she had lost her ring on the ranch yard.  She thought she lost it in or near the horse pasture while pitching hay to her horses in the evening and had actually spent several hours crawling on her hands and knees in the soggy manure and tossed hay on the ground left by the horses near the feeding trough.

I had brought my cousin along to see how to do ring recovery.   Stephanie, my cousin, and I began searching near the haystack where she had been grabbing the hay with her pitchfork.  My cousin helped with the digging.  Many signals were sounding off, but mostly bits of iron baling wire, broken horseshoes and other strange bits of farm debris.  Stephanie kept hoping each signal would be her ring.  We  entered the horse pasture and began a gridded search.  Again many junk signals.  Soft wet manure is not fun.  It does not smell good either.

My cousin took a break from digging the signals under the straw that covered the ground to cool off.  I got a signal from my White’s MXT Detector that sounded good, loud, and  the scale readout said Ring.  I asked Stephanie to brush away the hay straw and there shining brightly in the sun was her now found ring.

She snatched up her ring and the next thing I knew,Found Ring IMG_20131214_104041_030 my cousin and I were both hugged repeatedly by one very happy young lady.

Moral to the story:  Wear gloves or put your ring in a safe place while pitching hay…





4 Replies to “Found Lost Engagement Ring in Horse Pasture”

  1. Good search under difficult conditions. Normally there are so many metal items in a horse pasture that makes a search nearly impossible… Sweet success!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Tough search but way to stick with it…If we could see her smile I bet it was a big one!

  3. Yes, she was thrilled. I have never been hugged so much over a happy recovery. Actually it was the only time I have been hugged after a recovery. Usually just a handshake or thank you along with a little cash for my efforts. This one was cash and hugs. Great, I need more of those.

    May get to detect a 100 + year old home’s cellar tomorrow. A cache of Morgan dollars had been recovered in it in in 1973. The owner wants a final search before selling property. Will post results if it happens.

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Hugs are great! Good luck with the cache hunt!!!

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