Lost Ring 3rd Beach Stanley Park...Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I’m finally back to work after extended time off for a broken elbow, I finished a long day in downtown Vancouver and headed home, an hour drive away. I just parked the car at home, it’s 10:20 pm and the phone rings… A  young lady on the other end said are you the ring finder guy ? I said yes I am,  she went on to tell me that her very good friend lost a very sentimental gold ring at third beach in Stanley Park…Only 10 minutes away from where I was just working. I jumped back in my car and headed back to Vancouver.

I arrived just before 11:30 and met both ladies in the dark and they showed me the area the ring was lost. It only took about 6 minutes to find her ring, it was a very cool and different style of ring that was custom made. It gave me an unusual target signal and I was expecting that after she described the ring to me before I started the search.









She was one very happy young lady when she got her ring back! I love my job!

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Chris Turner 778-838-3463


Watch video of search…


2 Replies to “Lost Ring 3rd Beach Stanley Park…Found”

  1. Barb says:

    Another smile for sure!

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