Lost BVLGARI Ring...Found at Jericho Beach!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

The call came in from a young lady who lost her ring that her mother gave her many years ago, she lost it at Jericho Beach in Vancouver…The young lady found TheRingFinders.com because the lifeguard told them about me.

She went on to explained that they knew the area where the ring came off but just couldn’t find it. Amazing how fast the sand can hide your ring and how hard it is too find.

I grabbed my detector and headed for beach which was about 40 minuts from my house, when I got there it only took 5 minutes or so to locate the beautiful ring…

She was very happy to see her ring again her boyfriend went to the lifeguards to thank them for telling them about TheRingFinnders.com

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Watch the video of the recovery below.