Metal Detecting for a lost Heirloom Ring in Golden Ears Park, Maple Ridge

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was on a search at a lake in Maple Ridge early Sunday morning and after I was packing it up to go home I checked my phone to find a message that someone had lost their ring at Golden Ears Park only 15 minutes from where I was located.I called the young lady back and she explained that her husband was on his way home from searching for his ring. She asked if I would consider meeting them there to help and I was happy to do so.After talking to her husband on the phone it sounded like it would be a quick search and hopefully a succesful one. Unfortunately  he was just at the location searching and drove over 1 hour back home before his wife found me online and they had to turn around and go back.We set up a meeting point and I had some breakfast as I waited for them to show up. An hour or so later we met and we drove to the location. This is one of my favorite location! So beautiful and fresh and clean…I love my office!They took me to the area that the ring was lost at and within minutes I found his ring.IMG_1849This was an heirloom ring that belonged to his wife’s grandfather so you could imagine how devastating it was for both of them when the ring was lost…But you can imagine how good it felt to have that ring found!IMG_1853 I’ll never get tired of helping people!I love my job! Call me ASAP and I’ll find your ring!Watch the video of the search…

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  1. Great work, as always, Chris!

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Thank you Augusto…Its always fun finding peoples lost smiles!!!

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