Lost Gold Earring in Vancouver BC...Found

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I received a call early last week in regards to a search for a small gold earring that was lost on a roof top patio. I knew it would be a tough search and most likely I couldn’t use any detectors due to all the nails but I was interested in helping because I could tell it meant a lot to the young man that lost it.

He told me that it was lost 2 year ago while he was getting a haircut outside on the roof top and he knew he should have got something to get it out of the resting spot between the 2×6 as he could see it resting there.

Two years later and just before he moved out of his apartment he needed to find the earring, he told me the story on how he owned it for close to 20 years and how he traded for it with a lady who he meet when he was only 11 years old.

We spent 2  1/2 hours searching the area and hosing down the roof top to hopefully jar it free from its resting spot to an area that we could collect the dirt and search for the earring. After some hard work and no luck I was getting ready to pack up and my gut told me to search one other likely area and that was the right thing to do as when the young man loosened the 2×6 the little earring fell out from the boards in front of both of us…

Its not just diamond rings and gold wedding bands that makes people so happy when you find it for them as  this is proof that something so simple could mean so much…Just remember that everyones lost item has a story attached to it and when that item is lost the story ends…When we find it the story continues.

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You can watch the video of the search below.