Metal Detecting...Lost truck key in Surrey BC could cost $1200+

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today just before dark I received a call from a young lady who wanted to rent a metal detector to find her lost keys to her truck.
She goes on to tell me that her husbands friend who had a few drinks hid them under a rock… She tells me that to get another key cut could cost her $1260 as it had a computer chip in it and she only had one key.

She said that it had an alarm button with the key and she was afraid to leave the truck overnight two days in a row.

After talking for a while I offered my service to come out and look for her keys as every place in town that rented metal detectors were closed for this Thanks Giving Monday. I also knew that it was going to rain the next day and that could hurt the alarm pad.

We met up just as its getting dark she shows me the area that the key could be in, and I start to search. The hard part was that the person who hid the key wasn’t there to show us the exact area, I started my grid and after 20 minutes under the dirt I found the key.

This is my second key find this year and both would cost a small fortune to have them replace.

I love my job!

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