Metal Detecting Lake Gold in Golden Ears Park

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Last week I received an email from Jason and he told me the story about his lost ring in Alouette lake in Maple Ridge. I was excited to search for the ring until he told me it was lost for over a month.

I knew this would be a difficult search due to the time the ring was lost and because lots of people search lakes. I was going to meet up on Saturday so Jason could show me the exact location but he had to work that day.

I had a few searches on Sunday so I told him that I’d go on Saturday and take a look. We discussed the search area and Jason gave me a good idea of the area it could be lost in, so off I went.

I got there early morning and I was surprised to see how big the lake was! I started my grid search and I was closing in on 4 hours and no ring.

I expanded my search to deeper water and just a few minutes past the 4 hour mark I received a good signal and in my sand scoop was a white gold ring! Was it his? He told me that the ring had his name and his wife’s name and the date they got married. I looked in the inside of the band and I saw writing and the name ”Jason”

I was so excited that I found the ring! In this big lake finding a small ring is like finding a needle in a haystack.

I called Jason and he was delighted! We met the next day and he got his ring back…It was great meeting you and your family Jason!

Check out the video below…

I love my job!

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