White Rock Beach in February...

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
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Here’s a beach I searched just for fun the other day, no rings but keys and lots of change. Last year around this time I found a beautiful diamond ring for a lady that lost it off the pier into the water below.

This is a beach that our parents took us to every weekend in the summer time, when we were kids. What makes this beach so difficult to search is that it’s such a big beach and the tide goes out a very long way… Making it hard to concentrate on a specific area where lots of people gather.

Searching the area around the pier is where you will have a chance to find rings & coins. That being said get ready to dig many pennies as I believe people make a wish and toss it into the water.

As I was searching the beach on Feb.4th near the end of the day, I was blessed with this amazing sun set! I love the search for hidden & buried treasure and I treasure this world we live in…

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