Beautiful Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring lost in Pleasanton, CA...FOUND!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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On August 20th, Samantha sent me a kind message requesting help with a ring that was lost. The project, would be to search some thick bushes in the front yard of a home in Pleasanton, CA.  I informed her that I’d be glad to help, but that the next day I would be celebrating my son and metal detecting buddies 4th birthday.  The search would have to take place on Tuesday mid-afternoon.  This was agreeable with Samantha.

On Monday, I was able to drive by the home to assess the gravity of the project.  What I saw was a seemingly endless sea of juniper mixed with rosemary bushes.  The probability of detection (POD) for this search was not going to be good.

An endless sea of juniper and rosemary bushes to search.

When Tuesday arrived, I readied my gear for the search effort and headed to the site.  It was a beautiful warm day and I was feeling good.  Talking with the neighbors was a bit of a revelation. Although I was requested to specifically search the bushes, I was informed that searches had already taken place of the landscaping and lawn next door…with a metal detector. Another new piece of the puzzle was that there was a sound of the ring hitting concrete the night it went missing.

I spent a good 45 minutes performing a difficult search of the brush, as that was what I was hired to do. As I worked, I kept thinking about the new information I had learned from the neighbors as well as from one of Samantha’s friends who stopped to talk to me about the lost ring.  I decided to have a look for myself over the area that had previously been searched while I pieced together the information I had.  I used a Garrett pin pointer around the base of some of the foliage and that’s when “We made the Recovery!!!”

Can you spot the ring in this photo?

In the end, I spent an hour and a half searching.  I was extremely relieved to not be wading through the brush.  It really would have been a humongous undertaking searching that area and even after searching, I don’t think I would have been confident it was sans engagement ring. As always, I was very much appreciative of everyone who contributed details and information that led to a successful ring recovery for Samantha.  The tears of joy I heard when I let her know the sapphire and diamond engagement ring was secured told me that it meant a whole lot to her.  Thank you Samantha for taking me on this journey with you and allowing me to be firmly embedded in the wild story this ring will tell.  Best wishes for your future!!!

First look at the recovered sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Photographed at the site.

Photographed at the hand-off.


Bay Area Ring Finders: Brendon Chapman… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP     925-580-2590 

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  1. Samantha says:

    I texted Brendon one Sunday evening, after a failed day long search of my engagement ring. He called me back within 30 mins and planned to make his visit on Tuesday afternoon. He was our last hope as we already scoured the entire front yards of these two houses (or so we thought). The only place we couldn’t search through was a massive and dense juniper bush, so I told Brendon to focus on that first.

    Brendon was kind enough to drive by the site on Monday, and I told him the direction it could have possibly went. Finally he arrived to do the job on Tuesday, and I had knots in my stomach the whole time. He gave me an update to say that he wasn’t sure it was in the juniper bush, but we would keep looking around in other areas. Finally, I got the call I was waiting to hear. My ring was hidden on the base of a different bush, with flowers that almost exactly matched the colors of my sapphire! He told me afterwards that he was sorry he couldn’t get to see the look on my face after making the recovery, but I hope my voice bursting into tears was enough.

    Before this incident, I had no idea such services existed and I’m just so grateful that I called Brendon. On top of being incredibly kind throughout the process, he is also very skilled and instinctive which makes him a master at what he does. This experience was a tough one, but I’m happy that people like Brendon help make the lesson learned a lot less painful.

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