Lost: 1/4 Kt. Diamond Platinum Ring Dewey Beach, Delaware...............Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

While out on another ring search on a beach 30 minutes away, I received a phone call from a young lady requesting my help in locating her lost Platinum Diamond ring on the beach in Dewey Beach,  Del. I responded to the location at which time I made contact with the young lady and learned that she had dropped both her wedding ring and engagement ring in the dry sand. The young lady was able to recover the wedding band but had no luck in finding the engagement ring. As I arrived at the location of the lost ring I observed man with a metal detector at the scene, I learned that he had searched for the lost ring prior to my arrival and that he was unable to locate it with his metal detector. The young lady pointed out the marked area where the ring had been lost and I began my grid search. I made one pass and turned around to make a second pass at which time I heard the sweet sound of success in my head set. The young lady was very happy with being reunited with her lost ring. Another successful recovery and very happy client.