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Lost rings in Park City: Found

Monique, from New York, and her extended family, from California, met in Park City, Utah for a Christmas skiing vacation. While sledding with her nieces in a park on Christmas day, she felt her three custom, foreign-made, interlocking wedding rings slip off her finger and disappear into the snow. One of the rings is rose gold, and the other two are white gold. She and her husband searched through the snow for the rest of the afternoon, but it’s almost impossible to find a ring in deep snow without a metal detector. She found The Ring Finders, and gave me a call. It takes an hour to drive to Park City from my home, but I’ve made that trip several times to find lost rings. We met in the park, and Monique showed me where they had searched. I found the first ring in about two minutes, and within 10 minutes I had all three. What a relief! Another vacation saved by TheRingFinders.com!

Lost ring in American Fork, Utah: found

I got a call to find a lost SD memory card. A professional photographer had done an engagement photo session, then unfortunately lost the memory card in the park. I searched for a couple of hours, but the card was just not there. Someone must have found it first. I really hate it when I can’t find something I’m looking for, but if it isn’t there, I can’t find it.

The photographer mentioned that while he was looking for the card, he talked to someone else that was looking for a lost ring. He pointed out the area, so a few days later when I had time, I returned to the park. After a couple of hours of searching in the sun, I found a ring. Then the detective work started. I found the name and number of the park activity organizer. She was able to connect me with the man that had lost the ring.

Here’s the story: The American Fork City summer festival was underway. Art Dye park was full of people enjoying the activities, including food, concerts, and a big bubble machine. Someone challenged a local high school teacher to dive into the big pile of bubbles. He got a running start,┬ádove in, jumped to his feet, then shook the bubbles off his hands. His white gold wedding ring flew off into the pile of bubbles. They searched, and even came back with a metal detector, but they couldn’t find the ring. I was super happy to be able to return the ring. High school teachers put up with enough grief, so I’m happy to be able to help out when I can.