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Wedding Ring Found on Pensacola Beach !!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Lorna lost her wedding ring on the beach two days before the family was to move on military orders. She did a web search and contacted my Son in Law, David, who is also a the ring finders member, but he had an appointment out of town and wasn’t available. Lorna then contacted the next ring finder for Pensacola and she agreed to meet her the next morning. That morning two ring finders ladies showed up and planned to help each other. Unfortunately one on the ladies had a nasty fall and needed fire first responders assistance after about a twenty minute search for the ring that was not recovered. Now it’s about noon of the day they have to travel. Lorna contacted David again quite concerned. He told not to worry that his Father in Law was on a recovery in Orange Beach Alabama and would get back to her. The timing was excellent because I had just finished and heading back to Pensacola. I agreed to meet Lorna at 1:00. Lorna was just the nicest lady and had her two adorable children with her. I could tell she was concerned because the way her ring recovery had developed so far and she was short of time, so I asked her to recreate her steps the day before as best she could remember and I got to work. I searched the areas she identified with no luck. Next I looked at alternative routes she could have taken back to her car and after a little detective work, on the second possible route there it was! I am so happy I could help her and her family. Their smiles tell all.