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San Diego Ring finder metal detector helps find Gold

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

The ring finders metal detector service helped find a lost gold ring buried in grass at leucadia golf course,San diego. Call or text 760 889 2751

This precious Gold wedding band of 30+ years accidentally fell out of a wallet & golf bag somewhere along the course the day before. After a few texts back & fourth we met there and with permission from the golf course supervisor..Of course..I was able to track down his gold ring in merely minutes using a metal detector.

Just when you think you have lost your keepsakes forever,,Is when you learn about The Ring Finders. “Who ya gonna call”

San Diego Ring Finder Found a Lost Gold necklace in Pacific beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


The Ring Finders Metal detector service helped find a precious gold necklace buried in the beach sand at San Diego. Call or text 760 889 2751 for a speedy recovery.

Recently one Saturday morning I was contacted via text asking if I could help find a lost necklace in Pacific beach. I certainly could help and it is an easy drive there.So we met up shortly after that same morning in front of Woodys restaurant.   

Fortunately it was only a volleyball court sized area to scan over,,,So I begin the standard grid search and instantly found a gold colored necklace with a small pendant as described… As I walked towards the owner and friend I assumed it was there’s but experienced enough I cautioned it might not be if someone else lost a gold necklace here???

….. Sure enough,,Sure as heck,,, It wasn’t her precious lost gold necklace but someone else’s!!

Ok. Dang it..Been here many times similarly for lost ring calls in the past when it’s NOT their ring I found!!  Shortly after back to where I left scanning with my metal detector I received a  small signal in the gold range, There I see another gold necklace in da scoop!??   What are the odds of that happening to us TRF’s?

  Then I let go of my detector machine confidently smiling and walking towards them emptying the sand scoop on the boardwalk wall there….Nothing!!

….But Only sand appeared 🙀 NO necklace!!

Dang it again!!  It actually fell out of “Da scoop“ And  She actually saw it dangling out when I dug it up..I felt so Embarrassed and frantic at this point though.

Fortunately,,,I found it again in just a couple few swings or seconds afterwards 😇.   Went right back to her immediately !  This is a great start of the year for me to help others in San Diego…Thank you for the generous reward via Venmo. All donations or rewards goes towards the equipment or expenses I use to help others in need.

Good Karma always prevails at the end.

Privateering is only thousands of years old..Call or text 760 889 2752 Curtis Cox  San Diego member of  Theringfinders.