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Diamond Wedding Rings Lost and Returned, Del Mar Beach

  • from Del Mar (California, United States)

So it’s 8:45 in the morning on a Sunday in Del Mar.  My parking meter will run out in 15 minutes, the beach is completely sanded in, the tide is almost +3 feet, it’s oppressively hot and muggy and my finds for the morning come to a total of 2 quarters and a penny.   I’m ready to go home!!   And that’s when Pat the lifeguard chief catches up to me and gives me a note that says: “Lost wedding ring, 24th street”.  There’s also a phone number which I call.  Suddenly my crappy day was taking on a whole new appearance.  This was my shot at redemption!!  I spoke to Dana who told me the story of how she thought she lost “both” her rings in the sand.  She was getting ready to go in the water and apparently they fell out of the pocket of her shorts.  She and her husband gave me some pretty good detail of where they thought they were.   So I metered up my car for another 2 hours and went to work.  It was now after 9:00 and a lot of folks were starting to file onto the beach.  A few had set up their umbrellas and shades right in the area where I was going to have to hunt so I skirted around them as best as I could and tried not be too obtrusive.  Feeling a little bummed that I would probably have to return the next day, eight minutes later I had both rings in the scoop.  These are absolutely beautiful rings, 14K and a ton of ice.  I called Dana with the good news and reunited her with her treasure 45 minutes later at a local coffee shop.  I also had the pleasure of meeting her husband Vinny and their two beautiful kids.  Dana says she’s not ever taking her rings to the beach again.  Good plan Dana!   Thanks guys for making my day (actually week) and for the nice reward.

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Fox News Lost Engagement Ring in Encinitas, California…Found Buried in Sand

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)





Engagement ring found buried in the sand by two professional Ringfinders.

Encinitas ca, Monday 5/16/15  I received a  text From John Hughes  My Good friend from TheRingfinders and said he needed help on a search and the large diamond ring had a very small and thin platinum band with very little metal also the couple rented metal detector two days ago when the wind blew there seat and umbrella fell many feet over with the Ring in the cup holder.

I’m thinking to myself.. (Wow)..I just helped and returned with John Hughes a Diamond ring this morning  to a happy couple and Sentimental story to tell that day..Then I texted John (on my way 15 min E.T.A) see you there. When I arrived I had noticed the husband with a rented metal detector Griding and swinging like a pro.However 3 different  detector machines had scanned the small beach and short area where it was lost so walking down the long steep trail path I was observing and losing a little hope but Knew I had My Garrett infinium L.S. Pulse induction machine wich is very sensitive to deep and small gold in the most roughest & mineralized conditions.


I began cross griding a 30’x30′ area for 15 minutes when John turns his machine off said keep going that away and he walked over to Scott With his soon to be Wife Mrs. Ozuna.

15 seconds later I get a faint high/low  ring sound in the gold range,scooped..and OMG no way! I instantly was laughing in Joy Looking at the 3 of them hysterically like I won the lottery and Made a miracle actually happen.They ran over and after hugs,Tears and relief we could all hear the local and friendly crowd above beacons beach cheering as the sun was setting.The Most amazing day for us ALL.Thank you You all out there Who got to share this wonderful Moment on the news channel.