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TheRingfinders Metal Detecting Service
helped find and return a lost ring at the beach buried in the sand.Call Now; 760 889 2751

I gotta a call from a Ring Finder teammate John Hughes to help find a gold wedding ring lost at a beach in San Diego. John had just finished up a vigorous 5 hour hunt for a long lost Ring at another beach and was headed out with his family for dinner.

I arrived promptly to the location with my metal detector in 20min then began scanning the wet sand 20′ south of a staircase where it may have been lost.

1.5hrs later I found no luck. Not even 1 metal target from the slope-waters edge!
After nearly giving up and back at my vehicle,I text John again to confirm with Matt,the owner if he was on the south side of the stairs or the north side 20′ when the ring was lost..? He calls me back and says he actually was on the North side!! Long story short..So I geared back up then hiked back down the staircase to find his wedding band in just a few minutes:)

The next day we met Patty & Matt at a beach in San Diego.They were so happy that we were able to help them.¬†Matt’s ring was very sentimental as it was handed down by his father! These kind of stories even after 5 years returning lost jewelry are still pulsating with life.The smiles and positive energy received is electric. What a great service to be apart of.