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Lose something? A Ring Finder May Be Able To Help.

  • from Webster Springs (West Virginia, United States)

imageMost people who lose their rings will do most anything to get them back; including going and buying a metal detector. I am not trying to discourage anyone from doing this because metal detecting is a great hobby. However, many of the ring finders on this site are willing to find your rings for free. They will more than likely have a lot more success at finding the ring than someone who is new to the hobby. There is a lot of work involved in learning to use a detector correctly. No mater what your experience level, I recommend using any new metal detector for at least forty hours before you can use it with confidence and proficiency. Another thing to realize is that it takes a lot of patience to find rings, and I mean a lot of patience. It has been said that to find a ring you will have to dig up at least one hundred pull tabs, but sometimes it’s more like a thousand. This is another reason you should defiantly take advantage or these friendly strangers at Ring Finders who are willing to do this work for you at little to no cost. For anyone still interested in starting a new hobby call up a Ring Finder they are knowledgeable about equipment and can get you pointed in the right direction and help you get started.