Johnny White

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

For the Cabell County area my cost is entirely reward based (Whatever you feel my service is worth to you) for the surrounding counties there may also be a charge of $20, for my driving expense.

Search Types

In or underground metal recovery, and water metal recovery 5 foot deep or less when water temperatures are warm enough. I have the upmost respect for private property. All holes dug will be filled, and property will be left in better shape than when I started detecting it.

Search Locations

Huntington, WV and surrounding area.

Johnny White's Bio

I have been a hobby metal detectorist for over 20 years. I use only the top of the line equipment. I am currently a member of "Dig-It-All" Ashland area metal detecting club I am also affiliated with the group Leave No Trace; a group that raises awareness on using the outdoors without littering or leaving any evidence of our outdoor activities.

Johnny White - Recent Blog Post

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    Mr. Reed lives in my neighborhood and 20 years ago when I first started metal detecting I; before I knew better. I snuck onto a vacant lot that he owns, without permission, and detected for a bit. I found several good finds, but for fear of getting caught I didn’t hunt long, and then left […]

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