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Found Class Ring in the Vermont Snow

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Closing out 2020 on a good note!

I got a call from a fellow from Texas who was visiting Vermont with a close group of friends. A couple days ago they were having some fun by having a snowball fight. When he threw a snowball at a friend, he thought he felt his ring fly off.

This ring was extremely sentimental to him because it was a class ring from the college he graduated from, Texas A and M. He had worked very hard to graduate and this ring represented his efforts. He told me he didn’t want a replacement ring, because it wouldn’t be the same.

The ring was very heavy and his fingers were cold, the perfect combination for losing it. All his awesome friends helped search for hours, they knew how much it meant to him. His mother, back in Texas, wanted to help somehow, she found The Ring Finders online, and saw Vermont had some members.

It was a very cold night, around 15 degrees, but the ring was lost in a public place, so I knew the search needed to be done ASAP. I got there, he showed me the search area and I got started. The ground was full of signals, many which shared the same numbers as gold would on my detector. After about an hour I got a good signal right on the very edge of a steep bank which dropped off into the river. It was his ring! Someone’s foot had pressed it deep into the snow and leaves. When I brought it to him, he and a dozen friends all cheered loudly. They were all so happy for him!

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