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Found Class Ring in the Vermont Snow

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Closing out 2020 on a good note!

I got a call from a fellow from Texas who was visiting Vermont with a close group of friends. A couple days ago they were having some fun by having a snowball fight. When he threw a snowball at a friend, he thought he felt his ring fly off.

This ring was extremely sentimental to him because it was a class ring from the college he graduated from, Texas A and M. He had worked very hard to graduate and this ring represented his efforts. He told me he didn’t want a replacement ring, because it wouldn’t be the same.

The ring was very heavy and his fingers were cold, the perfect combination for losing it. All his awesome friends helped search for hours, they knew how much it meant to him. His mother, back in Texas, wanted to help somehow, she found The Ring Finders online, and saw Vermont had some members.

It was a very cold night, around 15 degrees, but the ring was lost in a public place, so I knew the search needed to be done ASAP. I got there, he showed me the search area and I got started. The ground was full of signals, many which shared the same numbers as gold would on my detector. After about an hour I got a good signal right on the very edge of a steep bank which dropped off into the river. It was his ring! Someone’s foot had pressed it deep into the snow and leaves. When I brought it to him, he and a dozen friends all cheered loudly. They were all so happy for him!

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Man’s Ring Found in Vermont River

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)


Another “needle in a haystack” search…

Got a call last Sunday morning while I was outside splitting firewood. There was a very sad sounding gentleman on the other end of the line. He had been out tubing on a large river here in Central Vermont, when he lost a very special ring. It was special for at least 2 large reasons, he had recently got engaged to the woman he wants to spend his life with and the ring had been handed down from his dad for the occasion.

He and his fiancee were on their way to go search the 1/2 mile stretch of river with goggles only. He asked me if it made any sense for me to come try with a metal detector. I told him I would love to come help. So, I closed down my wood splitting chores (gladly!), loaded my water searching equipment into the car, and hit the road.

I met them there about an hour later and they showed me the search area. At first I had those overwhelming thoughts about how huge the search area was, but the only thing to do was to get started and peck away at it as much as possible. I knew the odds were against me because there were some very deep areas and some quite fast areas, too.

That first day we searched for about 5 hours. I covered about 200 or 300 feet of the river, finding only scrap metal. Hopefully I saved a few feet from being cut on that scrap! They also had no luck. So we decided to give it another try on the following weekend. Sometime midweek, his fiancee went back with a friend to search, no luck.

Today I got there a little before them and got started on the search. I was searching in a bit of fast water just upstream from where they had told me they had beached their tube and left the river. I had a strong feeling that he might have lost it in this area because I figured he did some strong padding with his hands to cross the current there. After digging several signals with my scoop and dumping it out on the sandy bank, I got a real promising signal and scooped it up. When I dumped this one on the sand, I saw a beautiful gold ring in the pile! What an awesome feeling, I couldn’t wait for them to arrive so I could hand it to him!

I love this hobby!

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Skier Loses Ring in the Vermont Mountains….Found!

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Got a distress email from a guy who had been out back country skiing and lost his wedding band in the snow. He had already gone to the Harbor Freight store, bought a metal detector and tried searching with it. Unfortunately, most of what they sell there is a waste of money and so was the detector.

It was already late afternoon, with just a couple hours of daylight left, and the location was over an hour away. So I beat feet, threw my equipment in the car, packed lights and warm clothes preparing for a long search if necessary, and braved the potholes and frost heaves driving as fast as possible!

He and his wife met me and we started hiking up the trail. It was a beautiful evening out and I found the ring right off when we got to the area he had stopped and taken his gloves off. We had a nice visit on the way out. Their dog will sleep good tonight!

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Mother’s Ring Found in Snow For a Central VT Lady

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

First search of 2019
I got an email yesterday from a lady who lost her ring in the snow. It wasn’t any ordinary ring, it was a ring that her mother had worn for years. So, naturally she was shook up.
She had been outside doing chores and just before going into her house, she stood on her porch brushing snow off herself and shaking snow off her hands. The extremely cold weather had shrunk her fingers and the ring flew right off. She looked, but it had disappeared into the snow.
She is a pet lover (the best people!) who has a cat, dog and a donkey. Her ferrier, a long time friend of mine, was trimming her donkey’s hooves and told her about me belonging to The Ring Finders.
Right after work today, I went to her house. She explained how she lost it and showed me the area. I got a good signal on the second swing, reached into the snow with my hand, accidentally pushed it under the porch, then picked it up and passed it to her. She was so happy to have it back!
I then got to meet her dog and cat, and see the inside of the beautiful house her carpenter husband had built. Now I want to build one just like it!

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