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Wedding Ring Found near Montpelier Vt

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Got a phone call recently from a very distressed woman. She had been out for a nice long walk with her dog on a road near her house, and somehow had lost her wedding ring. It was a very cold day, our Winter hit early this year. She and her wife went back out and searched for several hours with no luck. Earlier that day it had snowed a little, just enough to hide a ring.

She knew a metal detector was needed and found information about The Ring Finders on someone’s blog. Around 7:00 she called when I was cooking supper for my wife. I knew it was important to get on this search quick, because a town snowplow could come push her ring deep into a snow bank and possibly badly damage it. I brought 3 of my detectors so we could all search. I was there by 8:00 and we got started. It seemed so cold out, probably because our bodies weren’t conditioned for Winter yet!

In less that an hour a young friend of theirs, who was swinging one of the detectors, gave us a happy yell! He found it. The ring was now where it belonged, back on her finger. She will be getting it re-sized soon! We were all so happy and relieved.

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