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Platinum/diamond engagement ring recovered – Happy Halloween!

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Stephanie, a young mom who’d taken her daughter to a local pumpkin patch. She had lost both her rings – wedding and engagement – on the outing and was understandably upset. After she described the basic situation, we made arrangements to meet at the pumpkin patch before they opened up on Sunday morning. When I arrived, Stephanie and her mom were both there, anxious to help if they could. She said that a child had found her wedding ring the previous day, so we were now only looking for the still-missing platinum engagement ring. We went through the usual questions to try and figure out exactly where the ring might have been lost, she showed me where she and her daughter had been, and we started looking. Stephanie and her mom had bought an inexpensive metal detector that they were hoping would help, but it became apparent that it wasn’t going to provide much assistance. We spent 90 minutes on Sunday until the pumpkin patch opened for day, but no ring. I made arrangements with the owners to come back the following morning to continue looking. Returning Monday morning, I spent about 45 minutes looking and was able to find the ring — a little dusty, but fine. I was able to return it to Stephanie that afternoon. It’s always a great feeling to return items to their owners!