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Sentimental Gold Cartier Watch .. Fisherman’s Cove, Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found after 3 Days

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

For Kim, Christmas morning started out with a family get together at her boy friends home. Then the day changed with news of the passing of a close personal friend in England. It was a totally unexpected as he was healthy and only 53 years old. She struggled through the afternoon and evening. Returning to her home to get a watch that was gifted to her by her deceased friend.  Later she walked a couple blocks that night to sit on the beach for some deep thoughts and a long cry. After a couple hours she went  home to get some sleep after a very emotional day.

The next day Kim realized the watch was no where to be found. She and everyone in the household searched the house and every inch of the two blocks from the house to the beach. She said it was such a cruel blow that such a precious memento should get lost on the day she found out it’s giver had died.
Her son had a radio shack metal detector that they attempted to use forbsesrching the beach sand. That’s when one of the neighbors told her to contact TheRingFinders.
It was already three days sense the loss and it could have been easily found  by a stranger if lost on the street or sidewalk. I assured her that I could find it if it was buried in the sand. We had to try even though there were many other places it could be.
Fisherman’s Cove is beautiful and has a small beach. As I started my grid some of the neighbors came to see what was going on. As they were talking about what had happened, I carefully scooped and pitched the sand in a pile. We all looked down and there was the White gold Cartier watch. It had been about 4 inches under the sand hiding from anybody that may have claimed it as a finders keeper’s treasure. It had survived a couple high tides that didn’t damage the mechanism.
Then the tears and cheers of happiness flowed. So many people came up to me afterward telling me how important this was to Kim.
Besides giving me a nice gratuity, I was invited to a very a awesome New Years Eve party. When, I walked in the door they announced, “TheRingFinder is here”.
When I bought my first metal detector in 1971, I would have never thought that my new hobby would take me to such a rewarding life.