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Two Gold Rings Found In Trash, Williamstown, Massachusetts

  • from Saratoga Springs (New York, United States)

The call came in shortly after New Years day. A woman had lost her gold wedding band and an heirloom triple diamond ring in a hotel room. She and her husband had searched everywhere in that room before leaving extremely sad. After listening to their story and asking a dozen questions to make sure it was not lost anywhere else I told them I would meet them at the hotel asap. I told them I could not detect inside the room but I could offer a fresh pair of eyes and a fresh approach. After obtaining permission from the hotel management I met them there and we entered the room.  Fortunately the room had not yet  been cleaned.  I asked them to go through the trash again, even though they had already done that. Within 10 minutes, both rings were found in the trash. We were three very happy people!

Lost Ring Found in Theresa, NY

  • from Sandy Creek (New York, United States)

I was called to search for a ring in Theresa, NY.  The lady lost her ring while shoveling her walk.  I made arrangements to meet her for the search.  When I arrived I discovered it had been a couple of days and had snowed more since.  It is always important to call as soon as you lose it.  It made it more difficult to find with the additional snow.  I got my equipment out and began my search.  It took about an hour, but I found i