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Houston Police Department’s Dive Team and Metal Detecting by John Volek TRF-Houston

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Houston Police Department’s Dive Team and Metal Detecting (Land and Sea) by John Volek TRF-Houston

Houston’s Dive Team had just received four new Garrett Sea Hunter Metal Detectors and were looking for some in-service training on their operation. We scheduled a two day training plan that would cover both land and water operations.

Training Day 1:
Our training focus for this course was the Garrett Sea Hunter Metal Detector, and it’s operational use both on land and water. The primary focus for the new Sea Hunters was to assist the dive team in the recovery of criminal evidence.

The break down was as follows…
Day 1 spend a couple of hours in the classroom discussing the Sea Hunter and then move immediately into with hands on training with the detectors.





Day 2

One day later, these guys are pulling evidentiary items out a lake in near zero visibility…it was simply extraordinary and speaks volumes of the character of the officers on this team. The Garrett Sea Hunter manual states 100 hours are needed to become proficient in the detector’s operation. These guy’s crushed it after just a few hours of hands on training.




The Houston Police Department’s Dive team’s cohesiveness was very impressive and their Scuba Diving capabilities and knowledge were extraordinary to say the least. 


Metal Detector Training at its finest…

These guys are a solid blue line…make no mistake.

John Volek