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Lost Hierloom Custom Gold Wedding Ring in Thick Shrubbery … Found with Pinpointer Metal Detector .. Laguna Niguel, CA.

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*** Whiley was walking through a neighborhood park on a sidewalk. Both sides of the sidewalk had thick waist high landscapes bushes.  He made a jester with his left hand and his gold wedding ring went flying off his finger into the bushes. 

Whiley called me the next day and I met him the shortly after he called. When we got to the location, he couldn’t give me the exact location. He did narrow it down to a 20ft. length along the sidewalk. He also said,  he didn’t hear it hit the cement.

Leaving me at the location he went off to an appointment saying he would check with me after he took care of his previous obligation.

I had several metal detectors with me because it was such a crazy environment. First covered under and on the surface of bushes with the 11 inch coil. Then all the places I could search with the smaller 6 inch coil.. No success, so I went with the Garrett Carrot pinpointer on a extension pole. 

BOOM!! I was poking the pinpointer halfway into the 4ft. high bushes. I heard a signal about 18 inches into the thick bush. When I investigated where the signal came from, I could see the gold ring lying on a thick nest of branches and dead leaves. 

I took a photo of the ring , texting it to Whiley. He and his wife met me a half hour later, overjoyed and amazed that it was found in that impenetrable maze of bushes. As many of searches as I have done, this was also surprised at where the ring was hiding. Almost all searches are unique, We never know  “ What, When, Where or IF “  the item can be located.

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