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  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)

 I was just leaving the Bass Pro shop on Tuesday morning when I got an email from Kian who had just lost his palladium wedding ring the night before in the grass in front of his house while playing catch with his young daughter . His house was actually on may way home , so Kian gave me  directions and the gate code and i was there in less than fifteen minutes. I searched in the area that Kian said he lost the ring about twenty five minutes with no luck. He was stuck at work in down town LA so he couldn’t meet me there , when we spoke on the phone before I called it quits to go home and retrieve another metal detector that I was more familiar with. He gave me more details which helped me narrow down the search area , after thirty minutes under my belt using my new machine I got a solid signal and there under the grass was Kian ring . After texting him the pictures he was amazed to see his ring again . He had me meet his wife at work to returned the ring , she was as happy as could  be and graciously thank me. Its always a pleasure to reunite such  nice  people with their sentimental jewelry.