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Torch Lake Mi lost ring found with a metal detector

I got a call from Alex about his lost ring at the Torch Lake sandbar. He was out on the boat with family enjoying the summer on the water.

Alex saw his ring fly off his finger and land in the water by the back of his boat. It took less than 5 minutes to find the ring.

Lost wedding rings found in Frankfort Mi

I received a call from Kevin asking if I could go to Frankfort and look for his wife’s wedding rings. She had put them in a pocket in her purse and now they are missing.

Fellow Ring finder Lance Osborn responded to a facebook post of Kevin’s about the lost rings. Lance called me and we agreed to meet a 7:00 pm to do the search together. The search area was fairly large and after 45 minutes of searching Lance found the rings outside the primary search area. I met Kevin and his wife the next day and gave them the rings. They were both extremely happy to get the rings back.

Wedding ring found in the dry sand at the beach in Frankfort, Mi with a metal detector

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

This adventure started with a call from Catlin she had lost her wedding ring at the beach in Frankfort, Mi. She was pretty sure it was in the dry sand but she was also in the water.

Catlin was great and entertaining with the one liners tonight. I asked her if she was going to be at the beach a while. Her response was “I’ll sit here all night if that’s what it takes”. I got loaded up and headed out to the beach. It was about a 1/2 hour drive, then I met Catlin and we walked to the area her and her husband were setup. I lined up at the end of her beach towel to start a grid pattern. I started walking and about 5 steps in got a nice sounding 12:03 on the CTX3030. The exact numbers and sound for a woman’s rose gold ring. I used my pin-pointer and found the rind about 3″ down in the sand. I handed her the ring and watched the stress leave her body. Its amazing being able to see people relax and the stress leaves.

I told her I needed a closeup picture of the ring and also a picture of her happy. Her response “well that’s not be hard!” I had fun on this short easy after work recovery.