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How to Find a Lost Ring in in Burnaby, BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call this morning from a young lady who found The Ring Finders online. She told me that she lost her ring in her back yard while throwing a ball for her dog. She searched and searched but could not find her ring, I told her that I’d be there in an hour to help find it for her.

When I arrived at her home she showed me the back yard and the grass was short, my first thought was it’s not in the grass because it would be an easy spot. That being said I started my search where I thought the ring should be and to element the area. After a few minutes and no ring I expanded my search area and in the bushes behind me and close to the house I found her ring.

It’s so important to search everywhere and not just focus on the area you think it should be in…It’s amazing where rings show up but it doesn’t surprise me anymore.



I never get tired of finding people’s lost rings… it’s the greatest feeling in the world knowing how happy you can make someone. Ask anyone who has had the opportunity to find a ring for someone and they will say the same thing.


We live for the Smiles…If you lost your Smile call me ASAP

Chris Turner -778-838-3463

Detector used-Garrett AT Gold, Garrett Pro Pointer

You can watch the video of the search below…