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Lost wedding band found in New Concord

  • from Marietta (Ohio, United States)

I had another ring find adventure today in New Concord Ohio. I first have to thank Jeff Morgan (#seattleringfinder) for the encouragement and help that he gave Kendal. And thanks to Sam, the first Ringfinder, for all the time you spent looking for it. The client told me everywhere you looked so I knew the ring wasn’t there, which narrowed my search area considerably. I found it where no one would expect it!! Crazy how it got way back there!! Here is the story from Kendal.

My husband lost his wedding ring back in Nov 2019. Our golden retriever had just started jumping on cars when pulling in our driveway. As we pulled in, she started jumping on our car, so he put it in park, got out, and went to swing at her and his ring flew off his finger. (Obviously 2 big he just wouldn’t go get it sized. We have been married since Aug. 2012) We searched for hours. Days. Weeks. Had another ring finder come out. They searched for about 4-5hours. No luck. I wasn’t ready to give up. I knew 100% it was out there! I contacted Steve and he was willing to give it a shot! In less than 3 hours he FOUND it on the other side of our driveway not far from where my husband was! Whoop whoop!
THANK YOU Steve!!!!
Now to make him go get it resized