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Tungsten Carbine Wedding Band Lost at Spanish Banks Beach, Vancouver…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Well it started with a very late night at work and I didn’t get to bed till 5 ish and around 7:15 am I awoke to my phone ringing…I picked up the phone and heard a young man’s voice ask if I was The Ring Finders guy, I said yes but I think I thought I was dreaming still. After a few seconds I realized this was a call for help. I jumped out of bed and gathered my equipment and was on my way to the beach to help find a young mans wedding ring that was made out of¬†Tungsten Carbine.          It took me close to an hour to get there and when I met the young man he told me the story about how he lost his ring and I was sure that I’d find it for him. There was two couples that were at the beach parking lot and hanging out (8am) and helping him look for his ring. One couple made me a nice cup of coffee and told the young man to come back in the morning as he did (5am) to search for the ring. When he couldn’t find it he got online and found ”The Ring Finders” and made the call.   After he showed me the area where he’d searched for his wedding band I could see where he’d been looking in the sand as you could see his finger prints all over the sand. He told me that he was married for 4 years and that the ring was very special to him…It only took me a few minutes to find it for him and the smile was priceless! I love my job! Lost something and need it found?Call me ASAP You can watch the video of the search on the link below…