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Lost Set of Keys…FOUND in Time for Thanksgiving Day Family Gathering Starkville, Mississippi!

  • from Huntsville (Alabama, United States)

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I received a call from a distraught Kayleigh on Thanksgiving Eve (Wednesday, November 25, 2020) for a lost set of keys.  Kayleigh explained that she was in the stressful process of moving and lost her only set of car and house keys on Tuesday afternoon.  Kayleigh was supposed to leave on Wednesday morning to travel to Tennessee for a Thanksgiving Day family gathering.  Instead, she spent all day Wednesday searching for her keys.  She wasn’t sure if she put the keys somewhere in the house or dropped them in the leaves outside, but she was unable to find them.

Running out of options, Kayleigh went online to rent a metal detector and discovered The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service.  She decided to try a Ring Finder from the directory first.  Starkville, Mississippi is almost a 3.5-hour drive (7-hour round trip) from where I’m located at in Huntsville, Alabama, but there were no other Ring Finders in her area.  Hearing her voice on the phone, I could tell I was her only hope in order for her to see her family on Thanksgiving.  I graciously agreed to drive out early on Thanksgiving morning for a search.

I left my house at 4am and arrived at Kayleigh’s house around 7:30.  She had a pot of coffee waiting on me and we enjoyed a quick cup before I got to work.  Kayleigh said she could’ve lost the keys in either the front of the house or in the backyard while cleaning up around the firepit.  She wasn’t sure which path she took to walk out there, but she felt the backyard was the most likely spot she would’ve dropped the keys.  The backyard also had a large amount of leaves that could easily hide a set of keys.  I thought this was the best place to start searching.  Due to the rebar in the concrete, I used my handheld Garrett pinpointer to clear around the leaves on the patio.  I then started scanning my Minelab Equinox 800 along the most direct path to the firepit.  The first signal I checked, I brushed a few leaves aside with my pinpointer and boom, there were Kayleigh’s keys!!!  5 minutes after starting the search and the first signal I checked, I had Kayleigh’s keys in hand!  I went back in the house to tell her the good news!

Kayleigh was so thankful and relived that she had her keys back!  She also couldn’t believe at how quickly I found them, because she spent a whole day searching!  Nonetheless, she had her keys back!  I had been praying the night before and during the drive to Mississippi for God to put me in the right spot.  I asked Him for a quick search in order for us both to be able to spend the rest of Thanksgiving with our families.  God surely delivered!  All glory to Him!

Kayleigh thanked me a few more times.  We said Happy Thanksgiving and I was back on the road home.  Kayleigh was leaving shortly after to see her family in Tennessee for the Holiday.  This was truly a Thanksgiving miracle!

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