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How to Find a Diamond Stud Earring in Soccer Field .. Costa Mesa, CA.

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*** How to find a diamond stud earring in a artificial grass soccer field. Alissa called asking if I had the equipment to find a small white gold stud earring. She said her young daughter had lost the stud earring while playing goalie, so they believed it would be near the goal zone. That was sounding better as it would be time consuming to grid search a whole soccer field with a 9” detector coil. 

Another concern was we could not get on the Orange Coast College soccer field with out supervision of the caretakers of the field. It has a 20ft. fence around the whole artificial grass field. Timing was important as the caretakers would me us there at a preset time and after opening the gate they watched over the search process.

We walked over to the far north goal area and I set up my high frequency metal detector to pick up micro small gold. I could see why the college want to protect the field. The artificial turf was thick and it could easily hide a small earring. I was told by the caretakers that the artificial turf was installed using nails. ( I didn’t get interference from any sort of nail, etc. ). I got a couple small high pitched signal on my test swings. Then after doing two 10ft. grid lines, I returned to those signals and “BINGO” !! the diamond stud earring. Both the mother and daughter were ecstatic. They said the backing wasn’t important but I checked the other signal, BOOM !! the backing.

It was about 20 minutes total including walking over to the other side of the field. The caretakers were doubting that this small object could be found, but now they are believers. All in all, it was a good search, especially when we probably only had one opportunity to get on the field. 

Every search has it’s challenges. You can’t find it if you don’t try..

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