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Ring Finder in Dewey Beach, Delaware Recovers Lost Wedding Band in Atlantic Ocean

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Stephen’s 14 karat yellow gold wedding band with multiple diamonds recovered by professional ring finder Brian Rudolph who searched for the jewel in the Atlantic Ocean located in Dewey Beach, Delaware!

Stephen of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania proudly and happily holding up his irreplaceable diamond wedding band which he was convinced upon leaving the surf that he would never see it again! Metal detectorist and RING HERO Brian Rudolph proved him wrong!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I was contacted by Dana who lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was desperately calling on behalf of her husband (who didn’t know that his wife was calling me for help). The backstory goes like this:

Stephen, Dana and their family drove from Philadelphia to Dewey Beach, Delaware for a little vacation. They stayed at Stephen’s parent’s beach house. The plan was to enjoy a few days on the sand and in the water. Unfortunately, their time was cut short when Stephen lost his cherished wedding band out in the Atlantic Ocean while holding his four year old daughter in his arms. Stephen attributed the sliding off of the ring from his finger due to a recent weight loss of over 60 pounds, and of course, the ocean water that additionally caused his fingers to shrink in size, making the band extremely vulnerable out in the Atlantic.

As soon as Stephen came up onto the shore with his daughter, he realized that his beloved 14 karat yellow gold and multiple diamond wedding ring was missing from his finger. He was devastated. The poor guy was so upset that he stormed up to his beach blanket, packed up what he could carry and then walked off the sand heading towards his vehicle.

Stephen was in tears over the loss of his irreplaceable keepsake. He had never taken the ring off in all 16 years of his blissful marriage other than a few times to avoid damaging it. The disappointment was so great that as soon as the family got back to the beach house, Stephen had his family pack up all of their belongings and he immediately drove them all back to Philadelphia later that evening! Dana told me that her husband was so angry and upset about the incident that he actually got physically sick on the drive home. That’s how tough this loss was for the man.

Two days after the family settled in back at their Pennsylvanian home, Dana was on Facebook and someone suggested to her the idea of contacting a member of THE RING FINDERS to see if a specialist could try finding Stephen’s ring out in the Atlantic. She sat on the information for another 24 hours and then finally decided to do a search on the directory. That’s when Dana discovered my metal detecting services in Dewey Beach, Delaware.

After I got all of the facts from Stephen’s wife regarding the loss of the wedding band, I explained to Dana that because so many days had passed, we had only a small chance of recovering the lost jewel. Yet, I shared that if there was one person that could pull the keepsake from the Atlantic Ocean, I was her ring hero.

Next, me and my client coordinated with Stephen’s mother, Pat, who was still vacationing at her Dewey Beach house. I worked it out to meet up with the family member over at the search site around the lowest tide hour of the day. Since Stephen’s mother was present at the time of the loss of the ring, she could recall the approximate location where Stephen had been hanging out in the water. I was excited about this challenging water search out in the ocean. It was a long shot, but I like trying to defeat the odds when it comes to recovering lost rings in tough environments.

When I met up with Pat at the beach, she immediately showed me where the family had their things lying on the sand and the general area where Stephen had been hanging out in the water when the band presumably came off. The two of us knew that we had a very small window of opportunity for me to search the Atlantic because: One, low tide was already upon us. And two, an ugly storm was coming our way. Time was of the essence.

Based on the information I obtained from Stephen’s mom, I used two markers to make my search boundary noticeable from the ocean while detecting out in the water. Before heading into the Atlantic to start metal detecting, I prayed with Pat that God would bring about a miracle for Stephen. I explained to her that I believe I have God’s favor when it comes to the searching for lost wedding bands. The reason for this is because the wedding band represents a covenant between spouses. Therefore since God loves the covenant of marriage (He was the one that created it from the beginning), I believe God would want that ring to be returned to its rightful owner.

Once we finish praying, I started wading the water of the Atlantic Ocean. There was another family up on shore that had been watching me the whole time as I was being beaten up by the incoming waves. They didn’t think I had a chance in the world to find such a tiny piece of jewelry out there in the vast waters. However, like most, they were still intrigued and entertained by my valiant efforts and they kept watching me scan the ocean for the diamond ring.

Back and forth I continued to detect the water, hoping to get a decent signal to investigate. For the longest time I got absolutely no hits. In fact, I started thinking that I was going to have to wrap up the search because: One, I had been out there so long and there was no sign of the ring. Two, I was really taking a beating by the violent waves. And three, I could see the storm quickly approaching in the distance and we would need to take cover sooner than later.

Even though I was fighting against many odds of finding Stephen’s ring, I continued to do what I know to do best, and that is: keep the focus and keep the hope alive within and not give up the search. I kept swinging my coil back and forth and moved farther into the water even though I was getting pounded by the waves over and over again.

At some point, just before having to call it quits for the day, I actually got a promising signal on my detector screen. It was coming up in the number range of exactly the kind of target I had been searching for. I believe the object that I zeroed in on was buried approximately 6 inches in the sand and about 4 feet of water below out in the surf. Quickly, I pinpointed the exact spot where the mysterious item was hiding and then positioned my sand scoop in order to try to bring up the target from beneath the sand.

After a few unsuccessful attempts of scooping up the piece of metal due to how crazy the waves were pounding me, I finally got the object into my sand scoop. Then, I sifted out the shells and silt and there, line at the bottom of my scoop was one of the most handsome men’s wedding bands I had ever seen! And it was huge too! I couldn’t believe it and yet I could at that moment because I had seen the amazing work of God before and this search was no exception! I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to surprise Pat and family with the incredible news! I did it! I pulled the lost ring from the Atlantic Ocean and cheated its tough resistances! What an amazing moment that was!

When I revealed the ring, I did so in front of Pat and her son Stephen who we did a FaceTime with right there out by the water! Neither one of them had any idea that I had found the wedding band and it brought both mother and son to tears! The family on the beach who were watching me the whole time also joined in the celebration and was quite amazed at what I was able to accomplish that late afternoon out in the Atlantic Ocean!

Finally, Pat and I partnered together to surprise Stephen’s wife Dana who was the one who originally called me after learning about THE RING FINDERS on Facebook. We FaceTime’d her and once again, I had another family member completely in tears as she sat in her vehicle on the side of the road! There were children in the backseat of her SUV and even some of them began to cry as well! It was truly an unforgettable moment for me and for everyone who witnessed the unbelievable news!

Stephen was in complete shock when he saw his ring in my hand! There was not a thought in the world that he would ever wear that wedding band ever again! And yet, the reality of the matter was that Stephen’s irreplaceable diamond wedding band that he cherished with all of his heart, that had been in the Atlantic Ocean for over 3 days…was coming back home to Philadelphia!

One would never be able to imagine the amount of thanks and praise that we all offered up to God for answering our prayers out there on that Delaware shore that one special afternoon!


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Lost High School Class Ring in Ocean City, Maryland…Found in Atlantic Ocean

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Rachel’s High School Class Ring Recovered from the Depths of the Atlantic Ocean!

Rachel Happily Reunited with Her Special Class Ring!



As I was already driving two hours inland from completing a couple of searches in Ocean City,  Maryland, I received a call from a young lady who was soon to graduate from an elite private high school in Baltimore Maryland. Rachel was with her senior class, celebrating Beach Week in Ocean City just three days earlier when she lost her ring in the Atlantic Ocean. When we talked, she was already back from the trip in her hometown of Northern Baltimore. The student found me listed in The Ring Finders Directory for the Ocean City, Maryland area hoping that it was not too late for someone to help her retrieve her class ring from the water where she had to let it go and return home.

Rachel explained that she was in the ocean with her boyfriend just playfully having fun when her 18 karat gold senior class ring slipped off of her finger and disappeared into the waves of the Atlantic. She was terribly down about the whole thing and she was scared to tell her parents about it. She wanted to do everything she could to get it back.

By the time that I would be able to return to Ocean City and get back into the water for the search, 4 days would already pass by since the ring came off her finger and landed in the water. I wanted to get out there as fast as I could. I checked when low tide would occur the next evening which would be Sunday night around 9:30 p.m.. I told Rachel that I would do everything I could to get her ring back and she was grateful but wavering as to whether or not this was possible for me to recover it.

The one positive thing that was going heavily in Rachel’s favor in regards to the probability that I can retrieve this ring from the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the night, was that she could clearly remember her exact position as to where she was when the ring fell off her finger. After receiving answers to all of the questions that I had for her regarding where she was located on the beach and where the ring fell off in the water, I was very confident Rachel was clear about her positioning and I felt good about where to go in the water to look for her ring.

She knew where she was in relationship to the lifeguard chair and how many feet over and back she was from it to where her beach towel was. Rachel knew how many feet over from where her beach stuff was from where she walked towards the shore where the ring slipped off her finger. I even asked her about where her beach stuff rested in relationship to a trash can that was out there on the sand and she could tell me almost exactly where her things were without hesitation. This was a huge bonus for me when it was time to hit the surf!

On Sunday, June 2nd at 7pm, my son Danny and I drove a 3 hour trip to Ocean City, Maryland. I dropped Danny off at First Street so he could walk the boardwalk while I drove to 33rd Street to start the search. Unfortunately, there’s no telling what the weather will bring at the time that you want to get out into the water. This was one of those times!  Two vicious storm systems rolled through the beach city with heavy downpours along with lightning and roars of angry thunder. I had put my wetsuit on and brought all of my gear out to the sand and within several minutes I saw lightning behind me, and thunder ensued. I returned to the car and took cover. 

I had to wait for the first storm to finish which took about 2 and 1/2 hours to clear the beach and move far off into the Atlantic. I then got my things out of the car again and headed into the darkness onto the beach to try for the second time and then the second storm approached from inland on the Chesapeake Bay side. I couldn’t believe that yet another storm approached! The lightning and thunder made its appearance once again and I quickly got off the sand and back into my vehicle, where I headed off towards the main highway to take cover once again. I never will forget the amount of rainfall that took place within that two-hour period. I thought the world was coming to an end because there was so much rain! I just sat in my car and waited and waited and waited. Finally at around two in the morning, I drove back to the beach and got my equipment out of the car for the third time and went on to the sand to test whether or not the second storm was far enough away for me to make my entrance once again. You could see all of the sky electricity brightly shining in flashes over the ocean, but far enough away that I felt safe to make my entrance into the Atlantic. It was getting close to 2:45 in the morning in complete darkness when I approached the water. If you wonder what kind of feeling it is to start a search at such an hour in total darkness except for the headlamp that you’re wearing, it’s a pretty empty feeling which you have to just get over and raise the bar of confidence within yourself to believe that somehow, some way I can find this missing keepsake. You’re just blindly going about it, hoping that the coordinates are correct based on someone’s memory. If not, one could take hours upon hours to find the target and that is with the assumption that the ring is still in the ocean and not picked up by another detectorist. I made sure that my position lined up exactly where Rachel told me she was in the water when the ring slipped off her finger.

The ring search began and I moved around in the dark waters, starting the grid, hoping to get the signal that I was after as I walked in straight lines back and forth in the hotspot area that I hoped the ring would turn up in. If you don’t have the approximate weight of the ring, and you don’t have information from the owner as to how much gold is on the ring, the detectorist just hopes to get a reading that is in the approximate range of what type of ring might give off that particular signal on the metal detector.

I believe my search in the water took about 20 minutes or so before I heard the signal that I was searching for! The numbers that came up on my detector screen were the solid numbers in the range that a class ring for a young lady might give off. The numbers were similar but slightly variant but close together in similarity and that is very consistent with class rings that I have studied with my detector! I may have found exactly what I was looking for! I got very excited!

I started working on scooping up the ring, one attempt after another. The waves were rushing in and out, making my middle-of-the-night adventure a bit more complicated. But I was not going to give in or give up this precious target signal. Every time I made an attempt in bringing up the scoop and checking what was in it, I had the anticipation of hoping that the ring would show its shiny gold face. But each time I came

up empty-handed. Just pebbles, sand and rocks showed up in the scoop. I kept working on it over and over again and finally the ocean gave up the target that was approximately 6 inches deep in the sand in about 4 feet of water at semi low tide. My eyes went right for the deepest part of the scoop and there mixed in with all of the elements of the ocean, between the sand and stones my eye became fixed on the loveliest class ring that perfectly matched the photos of the ring that Rachel had previously sent me! I was beyond thrilled! I caught the little guy!

There was such a feeling of triumph! With all of the details leading up to the find, it really excited me that I overcame many obstacles: Rachel’s ring had been in the Atlantic Ocean now for 4 days, I had spent an hour on the phone going over details with Rachel regarding the ring and the location of where she possibly lost it, Rachel would not be able to be present with me at the search site and I would have to orient myself only based on Rachel’s recollection and information that she gave me, I studied multiple facts including the photos of the ring that she sent me, studied and compared multiple tide charts for the region, traveled nearly 175 miles, taking 3 hours to reach the beach, waited 5.5 hours for 2 storm systems to clear the area, having to abandon the search site twice before hitting the water, then entered the roaring waves of the Atlantic in total darkness other than the use of my headlamp at nearly 3am in the morning in 4 feet of water – AND THEN, AFTER ALL OF THAT WHICH I MENTIONED ABOVE, I SUCCESSFULLY PULLED OUT OF THE SEA, THE VERY PIECE OF GOLD THAT I WAS AFTER, MEASURING ONLY LESS THAN AN INCH IN HEIGHT  FROM THE RESTLESS WATERS OF THE ATLANTIC! THERE IS NO GREATER FEELING THAN TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE FIND THEIR MISSING TREASURE WITH SO MANY FACTORS INVOLVED IN HAVING TO ATTEMPT A SUCCESSFUL SEARCH IN RETURNING SUCH A SPECIAL OBJECT TO ITS OWNER!

I could not be any happier for Rachel! Especially the moment I surprised her with the ring!


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