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Sterling Silver Ring Lost in Back Yard, Parkview Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Lloyd was a past client of mine about four years ago, He had called me to locate his gold ring which he lost while throwing a ball for his dog which I found and returned to him.
This time he had lost a sterling silver ring which was given to him from a dear friend that has since passed away so this ring has a very special meaning to him.
Lloyd told me he was planting shrubs in his front yard and picking weeds in his back yard so he said it could be anywhere! Lloyd had a couple of friends with him looking for the ring but had no luck in finding it. I searched his front yard and then the back yard and it was in the back yard where I found his ring along his flower beds. Lloyd was relieved to have his ring back on his finger.
Thank you Lloyd, for another successful search.