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Lost Platinum Wedding Band Cap Sante Marina Anacortes WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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On a Sunday morning I received the following message.

Is this Jeff Morgan? I found your contact info on ring finders. I accidentally dropped my platinum wedding ring off the dock in the Anacortes marina last night. I figured it was gone for good but my wife suggested I do some investigation and see if there was anyone who could possibly find it. The water depth there is between 8 and 10 feet depending on the tide. Sorry to bother you on a Sunday morning, but if there is any chance at getting it back I’d be super grateful after 15 years of marriage!

Within minutes of reading his message we were on the phone discussing details and set a plan for a dive recovery a few short days later.

On the day of the recovery we had cold weather however the Puget Sound was calm with no rain. John was able to easily recall and point out exactly where he was standing when he was attempting to flick off some slime from his hand when his ring shot off straight into the water below. 

I measured the depth at 17 feet deep, scanned the waters for stray electrical currents, and prepared all of my gear.  I also placed my marine radio set to the marina channel at the end of John’s boat as another piece of safety mitigation. When working in an active marina there is a lot of concerns and precautions that need to be taken into account for a safe and successful outcome. With cold water diving in active waters this is a task you should leave to a trained and experienced specialist to perform. 

On this dive I chose to use a drop line and my PVC gird system to ensure a safe hassle free recovery. During the dive as I already expected his ring was not visually available with all the silt on the sea floor. If you loose an item don’t think for a minute you going to jump in to freezing cold water and just dive down and find a lost wedding ring, cell phone or car keys. They are heavy and ninety-nine percent of the time hidden under a layer of silt. Once a diver reaches the bottom the silt will cloud up into the water column and you can quickly become disoriented with near zero visibility conditions. 

When I reached the drop zone and put my tools to work I quickly located his wedding ring under a cloud of zero visibility silt. Thank you Lord for another successful recovery! This man’s cherished wedding ring will be returned to his finger and its story will continue on.

Of course after I surfaced and reunited John with his heavy platinum wedding ring of fifteen years he was very appreciative of my recovery services.

If you lost an item of value reach out to me directly for a quick chat so I can formulate a recovery plan for you!

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