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Lost Gold Ring, White Rock Beach…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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I got a call about a lost ring at Cresent Beach, it turns out it was close to the area that I searched for a lost silver moonstone ring, 3 weeks earlier. It’s not my favorite area to search due to huge rocks and a long hike into the area.  After discussing the search and looking at the tide chart we set a date for 4 days later to do the search. The story about the ring was the young man had lost it in waist-deep water, they were smart to make reference markers, one was a huge rock he was by, and the other was the trail they walked down. This makes a huge difference in looking for something as small as a ring. The young lady told me the story about the ring and how important it was to find it, it was a gift from her late grandfather who was 94 years old when he passed. It was his wedding band and now handed down to continue a new love story!

We decided to walk the railroad tracks because of the trails were closed, I definitely didn’t bring the right shoes, I wore my water boots soft soul and the walk was approximately 45 minutes to the location. Because of all the rocks around the tracks, my feet were extremely sore! We arrive at the location and just as we got off the tracks a train came whipping by, I couldn’t believe how fast it came around the corner, good thing we were off the tracks.

The young lady showed me the big rock where her husband lost the ring and within minutes I found the ring! I get as happy as the person who lost it when I find what I’m looking for! I love the smiles I find and the stories that are attached to the rings…I called this recovery…The Circle of Love.













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Watch the video of the search below…