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Wedding ring lost in a car, found!

  • from Oregon City (Oregon, United States)

I received a message from Bharti saying she had found me on theringfinders.com, asking if I could help find her husband’s wedding ring.
I messaged back asking for some details. She told me had fallen below the driver’s seat of their car. I told her that a metal detector would be of limited use, due to the confined space, and mixed metals in the vehicle construction. I let her know I had an endoscope camera I could use to look around under the seat, and gave some suggestions to aid their search.

Bharti Told me they had received a’snake camera’ but had no luck with it. She thought maybe my expertise and experience might find the ring.

We agreed on a time to meet, and when I arrived, I met Bharti and her husband.

After removing all the floor mats, I looked under the seat with a bright LED flashlight. Finding nothing, I activated my endoscope and IPad and started probing around.
The rails, under the carpet, and vents found nothing, so I pushed the camera into some plastic trim pieces.

Under the right side of the driver’s seat, I saw a slight glimmer of gold, and when I twisted the camera, the plastic flexed, and out popped the ring.

Expertise, experience, or luck? Don’t know, but a wedding ring reunited.



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