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Platinum Ring lost 10 days .. Doheny State Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Monday 7-27-15 morning I had an email from Brandon inquiring about the cost of my service. He mentioned that he had lost a platinum wedding band ten days ago in the sand. The family had spent the evening at the beach enjoying a fire on the beach. When they packed up to leave he noticed his ring was missing. The beach closes at 10pm. Figuring it was lost forever in the sand they went home.
After ten days Brandon thought that there might be a chance to find it with a metal detector. His search online brought up TheRingFinders.com
After exchanging a couple emails Brandon said he had to work , but Isaac could meet me at Doheny State Beach. It was near noon when I arrived. Isaac was there to show me the general location telling me that they had stayed most the night in the small area. Fire rings are usually littered with small metal trash which may have been a factor that kept the ring from being found by other detectorists. I set up to dig all metal trash and it wasn’t long till the ring was in my scoop along with a pull tab and a few rocks.

After returning the ring to Isaac I spent a couple hours detecting. I realized how lucky we were on this recovery. There were signs of a recent metal detectorist working these tables and fire rings. The lifeguard told me this beach has several guys working the fire pits every couple days. They missed this one for 10 days. Reminding me not to give up. I’ll try Anywhere.