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Lost Lithium Battery in Chattaroy WA…FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Normally something as trivial as a lost battery wouldn’t make the cut as a worthy lost and found item. However, for Rob and his two Golden Doodles a lost lithium battery in the backyard could mean the death of one of the dogs. See, Rob had let his beloved dogs out into the backyard to burn off some energy after a long day stuck inside. Rob had attached a head mounted flashlight to one of his dogs to keep track of her. As the dogs ran around, an energy filled wrestling match broke out. Followed by an all out race around the perimeter of the yard. As Robs 4 yr old lovable Golden Doodle passed by him in an all out sprint, Rob could see the battery door was open on the light he had put on her. With many attempts to call the dogs back to him, the battery fell out into the snow covering the backyard. This is where I show up in the story.  Rob knew that he needed to find the battery because if Sadie ingested the battery it would kill her, and Sadie would infact try to eat the battery. I showed up at 4pm two days later. It was dark and cold. I didn’t know what the battery would ring up on my detector. So all of these factors added in, I didn’t find the battery. I returned to Robs house two days later. Rob had bought another battery. So I got to scan the battery and find out what it rang up on my detector. It rang up like a quarter which I was originally thinking it was going to ring up like an iron target . With that knowledge, I repeated my search and found the battery in five minutes. Saving the life of Robs beloved dog is totally worthy seeing his smile on The Ring Finders book of smiles.