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  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)

Cal called me a couple of days ago and told me he had lost his wedding band at central park while having a water balloon fight with his friends and family. He was there on a picnic with the basketball team that he coaches.  I made arrangements to meet him early the next morning at the park to search for the ring.  I drove over to the park the next morning which only took about fifteen minutes to get to Rancho cucamonga. We met around 8:30 on sunday morning.  Cal explained to me where he dropped the ring in the grass while he was running trying to avoid a water balloon. I set up a grid and started to search. It was a fairly large area and I wasn’t having any luck for the first hour.  Cal and his wife Cheauna were getting a little discouraged and for good reason. There one year wedding anniversary was less than a week away and the ring was very sentimental to both of them. They were such a nice couple and I wasn,t about to give up so easy so I asked more questions about which way he was running and what trees he was zig zagging around .  So  I changed direction and grid searched from another  direction. I dug a few coins and had a few other false alarms and then boom, a nice solid signal. I bent down parted the grass and there it was , Cals  stunning ring about 7 inches down . I picked up the ring and handed it to Cal  He and his wife were ecstatic and very grateful.  The looks on there faces is the mane reason I love being a part of ringfinders. After a short chat they were on there way feeling whole again.